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     La Marina Del Rio opened its doors in 1989 and has been the only hunting lodge that has operated continuously in Mexico. La Marina Del Rio, has been one of the top wingshooting lodges in both Mexico and North America ever since. We are located on the east coast of the state of Tamaulipas near the village of La Pesca, which is 150 miles south of the Texas border. Due to its location close to the coast and its sub-tropical climate, the area where

     La Marina Del Rio is located boasts an impressive biodiversity allowing it to be one of the best places to hunt  and fish in all of North America. Owner and Professional Guide, Cavi Del Rio, has been hunting this area his entire life and provides expertise in the area and the quarry that inhabits it. Cavi is also a certified shooting instructor both in the United States and Mexico and an official S.C.I measurer. La Marina Del Rio is the best hunting lodge in Mexico for dove, duck, quail, geese & turkey. The Laguna Madre that houses thousands migrating ducks and huge nesting grounds for whitewing dove allow for the wingshooting at La Marina Del Rio to be not only Mexico's best but also North America's best.  Our Mission here at La Marina Del Rio is to give you, your friends and your loved ones the adventure of a lifetime, experiencing world class wingshooting, lodging at our top grade accommodations, and experiencing  our exquisite dining which includes local cuisine and wild game.

     With the help of our professional scouts, staff, and our impressive quantities of wild game birds, you can be certain that coming to La Marina Del Rio will be the experience of a lifetime and a real workout to your gun!

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