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Whitewing Dove Hunting Information

La Marina Del Rio is close to the largest whitewing nesting area in North America, there is no better dove hunting anywhere in North America than right here in Tamaulipas.

We hunt 3 different ways, field hunts, brush hunts, and waterhole hunts. Field hunts take place around the local crop fields, where the doves are harvested as they come in to feed. Brush hunts are held in the denser scrub areas, where the birds gather among the thickets to feast on the natural abundance of seeds and berries. Waterhole hunts are set up around the birds’ major drinking sources.

Hunting areas are determined by reports from our expert scouts, who survey the region to locate the biggest concentrations of birds. Each of our hunters is assisted by two experienced bird boys (known locally as "palomeros") to locate/retrieve birds, help reload shell bags and see to our guests’ every need.

With access to over 500,000 surrounding acres of prime dove habitat, fast action is virtually guaranteed. Our guests shoot an average of 6-10 boxes of shells per hunt, so expect to give yourself – and your gun – a real workout!

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